Our History

Marell Boats is based on four cornerstones: expert knowledge and vast experience in aluminum shipbuilding, successful participation in in- and offshore racing, a unique scalable platform design and a significant portion of customer orientation and enthusiasm. The history of the company started almost 50 years ago.

history 1973 town

Roslagen, situated in the northern part of the Stockholm archipelago, has a long history of boat building, e.g., fishing boats, ferries, workboats and leisure boats. When Marinteknik Verkstads AB shipyard was launched, initially based in Östhammar and moved to Öregrund in 1973, they built boats for the local market while at the same time defining the standard globally for dynamically supported high-speed craft in aluminum. It was the first yard in the world pioneering the use of special extrusions for making the vessels strong and light. This is the Marell Boats heritage.


When Patrik Söderholm, the founder and main designer of Marell boats, worked at the local Marinteknik shipyard, he gained vast experience in light craft aluminum boat building, both regarding light welding technologies and efficient hull production. The yard produced catamarans with symmetrical hulls and monohulls built in jig for highest quality and accuracy. During this period Patrik learnt how to design boats and the foundation was laid for his ways of working.

history 1982 boat
history 1992 boat
history 1992 boat

Patrik started his first own company this year, Marine Aluminiumtechnic, which later was transformed into Anytec, a well-recognized Nordic brand. The modern light fully welded aluminum boats for leisure use were developed, which at that time defined a new standard for this type of crafts in the Nordics. They were all strongly framed with longitudinals as a ship and made light with hard chines and sharp V in the front for best sea keeping.


When Anytec was sold to investors, Patrik started to work with other shipyards in the Nordics, Southeast Asia and South America, sharing his vast experience in high quality aluminum boatbuilding and at the same time gaining valuable knowledge from other boatbuilders around the world. During this period, he was heavily involved in the high-speed boat racing circuit, which later was introduced to his three sons. The family forms the team Marell Racing where the name Marell is a pun with the first letters in the name of his sons - Markus, Rasmus and Linus = MRL. The family collect a lot of trophies during their racing period and gain valuable knowledge in how to trim and shape the hulls and props for best speed and safe turns without capsizing.

boat contest award cermony
boat contest award cermony
timeline 2006 boat construction
timeline 2006 boat construction

The knowledge in design and aluminum boatbuilding has during the years been shared between other boatbuilders in the Roslagen area and around Sweden. When Marell Boats was founded in 2006 by Patrik Söderholm, he brought all his 25 years of experience of boatbuilding and racing with him into his new family business. He starts building boats entirely according to his own design thinking. He goes out on the water with his sons and together they test their way through, over and over again. He does not go to fairs. He does not read boat magazines. He is totally set on doing something that no one else has already done. The design is based on his experiences and his belief in what customers want.


This all has led up to the launch of Marell M7s and M9s 2016 with focus on the consumer market. The great success with the Marell center console boats with a centered steering position urged the company to develop larger boats based on same unique platform.

boat at 2016
boat moving at 2016

This year the M15 platform was shaped and successfully launched, now with a focus to gain market share in the commercial markets, for high-speed patrol boats and workboats. This new vessel with cabin was an immediate success and was awarded the Interceptor of the year 2019.


The initial M15 Patrol was delivered to the Stockholm Sea Police in June. Later this year the Marell M15 Q was launched for speeds up to 70 knots, for high-speed interception and boarding.

Again, Marell was awarded Interceptor of the year 2020, paving the way for global expansion and recognition.

police marell boat 2020
marell boat 2020
boats evolution

The excellent features of the M15 platform lead Marell Boats into their first commercial tourist vessel, which has been signed with a large Norwegian operator. This new segment goes hand in hand with the increased demand for high-speed luxury tender boats with exclusive interior. Marell has during 2021 launched two new models for this market, namely M12 and M15 Custom, also available as Tender. Moreover, on the drawing board is now an M17, shaped for the future with regards to propulsion system, performance and comfort.