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Value proposition - Next generation high-speed interceptors

Next generation high-speed interceptors

Marell aims to innovate and work in close partnership with our customers as we design and deliver the next generation high-speed interceptors. As a result, Marell has developed a very compelling value proposition to demanding customers across all climate zones. We offer you next generation high-speed interceptors with the following four unique propositions:

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1. Outstanding performance and maneuverability with flexible multi-purpose platform

  • Speeds of up to 80 knots and exceptional maneuverability in all sea conditions
  • Performs all missions, e.g., surveillance, patrolling, SAR, interception and anti-piracy
  • Unique multi-purpose platform enabling most reconfiguration needs across all climate zones

2. Full sustainability commitment with hybrid solutions and fuel efficiency leadership

  • Circular sustainability approach from design, material selection, assembly, usage to recycling
  • Strategic partnerships with leading engine OEMs to drive first generation hybrid deployment
  • Fuel efficiency leadership due to hull designs with minimal resistance and wave impact
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3. Innovative design with Swedish engineering quality and leading technology stack

  • Innovative design philosophy with inspiration from offshore racing and high-speed aluminum vessels
  • Hull production and final assembly conducted in Sweden with highest engineering quality and precision
  • Leading technology stack, from UI/UX, software solutions, EV partners to USV readiness

4. Most attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solution in the market

  • Cost efficient and modular production set-up to enable competitive acquisition cost
  • Industry leading fuel-efficient solutions and first-generation hybrid engines
  • Vessel design and construction to minimize maintenance costs and extend life cycle
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