Marell M15Q – PR 2
Marell M15Q – PR 3
Marell M15Q – PR 1
M15 Q TA.122


Marell Boats is proud to announce the production of the next Marell M15Q with a delivery scheduled for the summer 2022. The owner has previous experience from aluminium boats with quadruple setup and decided to upgrade to the Marell M15Q with brand new powerful engines from Mercury.

This boat will be outfitted with four of the bespoke V12 7.6 litres 600hp engines from Mercury resulting in new state-of-the-art engine performance that will deliver a first-class boating experience. With a steerable gearcase and a two-speed transmission this setup will not only be a game changer but also very smooth and quiet.

The interior layout and design have been developed in order to provide the premium boating experience, at anchor on a sunny day or at high speeds above 60 knots in a rough sea state, everything according to the owner’s preference based on the modular Marell M15 hull.
Patrik Söderholm CEO confirms: “We are very excited to see this Marell M15Q come together, thanks to a close dialogue with the owner everyone at the shipyard is excited to start the outfitting process and prepare her for launch next year.”

Marell Boats is known for designing and constructing high speed modular aluminium boats for professional users and private users world-wide. Like a fighter jet Marell Boats’ signature centred helm position allows full control with panoramic view with ergonomics in mind in order to prevent fatigue and injuries.  

The Marell M15 hull is designed and constructed in order to withstand a lot of stress and at the same time offer the best performance in terms of manoeuvrability, speed and fuel economy. Depending on the owner’s preference the Marell M15 hull is available to be configured with any drive train ranging from outboards to surface drives.

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