Marell M7

m7 boat
m7 boat
M7 taking flight
m7 boat outside
M7 boat with fishing poals
M7 boat

Marell M7 – a high-speed and versatile platform

m7 exterior

Demonstrates unique hull design features

The M7 is designed to enable high-speed performance in heavy seas. Strong webs and longitudinal framing ensure extremely high hull performance at high speeds in rough weather conditions.

The 19-degree deadrise at stern, a well-shaped and fine-tuned fore body and longitudinal strakes ensures that rides in high waves are comfortable and high-speed turns safe.

Integrated control and navigation control

The navigation equipment and its layout are highly sophisticated with a central ergonomic helm together with easy access to all controls needed for high-speed driving and navigation.

When driving at very high speeds in different sea conditions you must work actively with the engine control lever, the steering wheel, the jack plate power lift and engine trim at the same time as you must have full radar and plotter view.

m7 interior

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