Marell M12

AXEL m12

Marell M12 – an evolution of the M15 high-speed platform

The Marell M12 platform is an evolution of the M15 high-speed craft platform. A craft built for offshore challenges while also ideal for cruising and commuting. Our two initial M12s being delivered 2022 are customized for civilian usage as M12 Custom, and we can also offer an M12 Tender version. Moreover, for the commercial market, we offer three types of vessels: M12 Patrol, M12 Crew and M12 Tour.

M17C V2

Unique hull design features

The M12 is designed to enable high-speed performance in heavy seas. Strong webs and longitudinal framing ensure extremely high hull performance at high speeds in rough weather conditions. The 21-degree deadrise at stern, a well-shaped and fine-tuned fore body and longitudinal strakes, ensures that rides in high waves are comfortable and high-speed turns safe. Moreover, the craft runs dry at all times, with all sea spray directed to the side of the boat, keeping the windscreen and deck clean from water.

Integrated control and navigation system

The M12 series have navigation equipment and a central ergonomic helm station together with an SB navigation station as standard layout. The craft has a fully integrated control and navigation system that can be configured for different needs with all alarms and engine information up front on all connected screens to the system. In front of the navigator, one or two displays are situated, one for radar and one for charts or combined. The helmsman has a larger display in a low front position, giving clear direct boat information without interfering with forward vision. An excellent safety feature is that the navigator can mirror the navigation information from the SB screen to the centre screen, giving real time info all the time. The helmsman can fully focus on the high-speed driving in all weather conditions.

Cabin configuration with highest comfort

The M12 is available with an open top or a closed cabin version, both with a fixed canopy with sliding sunroof. The crew are comfortable seated in Ullman Daytona Crew seats and passengers are seated in Jockey seats or other seats based on preference. The sanitary space is placed in the aft end of cabin and beds in the fore peak and aft compartments are optional. Heating, cooling and ventilation are designed for highest comfort in actual climate zone, from Arctic sea to tropical waters. All windows are tempered, laminated and tinted to reduce sun glare. The dashboard is covered with black Eva mats to further reduce glare.

Safety first

All Marell M12 crafts are equipped with fire extinguisher, rescue ladder and emergency kits. All decks are self-bailing and equipped with anti-skid and robust railings. The crafts come with a complete set of mooring lines, anchor, fenders and VHF system. On deck, a special track system is mounted for securing of load on deck.

m12 rendered model example
m12 custom boat

Marell M12 Custom

Marell M12 Custom - State-of-the-art design, fast and versatile

M12 Custom is on purpose designed for coastal excursions, from island to island, from harbour to harbour, in open seas and in archipelagos. A comfortable interior with suspension seats combined with a robust and fine-tuned hull, designed to take on heavy seas without slamming, makes your driving smooth and safe at all speeds.

M12 Custom is designed for speeds up to 70 knots. It is built with a centre steering position, which makes manoeuvring in confined spaces and docking easy, as the helmsman has full control on both sides during manoeuvring and docking.

With navigation screens in front of the centre helmsman position, you are in full control of the navigation while driving at high speed, with all engine and navigation controls within easy reach. Your companion sits next to you in the navigator position, supporting you in rough sea and weather. Moreover, all navigation information is mirrored from the side position to the centre position.

M12 Custom is an excellent craft for high demanding individuals and families that require state-of-the-art design, high-speed performance and versatile usage, ranging from commuting to pleasure activities with family and friends.

m12 patrol boat

Marell M12 Patrol

Marell M12 Patrol – Efficient, high-speed and versatile

M12 Patrol is a versatile platform for open and closed cabin patrol, police and surveillance crafts. A craft built for North Atlantic environments with excellent capabilities also for tropical river patrolling.

The M12 can be equipped with propulsion system of your choice, inboard waterjet for shallow waters and beaching, diesel sterndrives for best fuel economy as well as high performance outboard engines for optimum speed.

The sharp V bottom and moderate deadrise at stern with lifting strakes parallel to keel line makes the craft very course stable with very limited hump during acceleration which also reduces fuel consumption and increases your cruising range.

M12 Patrol can be delivered with different cabin lay outs, different propulsion system and different fendering design including an option to have a foldable ramp in front. All versions come with suspension seats combined with a robust and fine-tuned hull, designed to take on heavy seas without slamming, which makes your driving smooth and safe at all speeds.

Ballistic protection of wheelhouse and shields for passengers and crew can be installed as an option.

M12 drive train configurations


Std A:

Twin or triple Merc R 450hp

Std C:

Twin Yamaha 425 hp

Std B:

Twin Merc V12 600 hp

Std D:

Twin OXE 300 hp


Std A:

Twin diesel inboard and WJ 2 x 500 hp

Std C:

Twin diesel sterndrives 2 x 440 hp

Std B:

Twin Outboard 2x 425 to 2 x 600 hp

Std D:

Twin diesel OB 3 x 300 hp

M12 main particulars

Length excl platform:



 0.9 m

Deadrise aft:

21 degree

Displacement Full:

8.500 kg


2.000 kg

Length incl engines:

13.8 m

Beam overall:

3.55 m

Displacement Light:

6.500 kg

No of persons:


Other M12 particulars

Hull material:

Marine grade aluminium Sheet metal EN-AW 5083 & Profiles EN-AW 6060


Canopy made of vacuum molded GRP


Epoxi paint and antifouling

Deck panels:

GRP composite honeycomb laminates


Closed polyethylene foam with polyurethane coating.

Product sheets

M12 Custom

M12 Patrol